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Renaud Farrugia
Managing Director, France & Southern Europe – SSI

Results in real time and investments in tech: the new challenge of Market Research

Renaud Farrugia, Managing Director, France & Southern Europe of SSI: Nowadays companies need to collect more data than ever

“Value and benefit of Research: knowledge as an investment”. This is going to be the focus of the next edition of Assirm Marketing Research Forum. In which ways can knowledge be transformed into investment, in order to positively influence companies’ business?

Our world is changing at a very fast pace. And it’s global. Opportunities to fail and succeed have become bigger than ever. So brands need to adapt and take as much as a defensive approach, to prevent from viral bad mouthing coming from bad client experience, as an offensive one and be able to understand their clients and prospects with everyday more details, being closer to the so called “moment of truth”. To be able to do so, companies need to collect more data than ever, process it fast and make it easy to use and comprehend by decision makers. That requires investment in people resources and technology.

One of the greatest challenges for the Research world, in such a fluid scenario as the one we are living in, is to transform the value of research in a tangible element. How are you interpreting this challenge?

In a context where they keep being pressured to bring additional value with everyday less resources, researchers want to be able to deliver results almost in real time, and help to make more short term, tactical decisions. At the same time, technology offers the ability to look at more data everyday, coming from different sources, and this is where our clients face big challenges. SSI being a tech company, we help our clients understanding their customers’ world by connecting them with people from all over the world in real time, engaging them in surveys through their preferred device.

Nowadays technology is a necessary and a strategic tool for companies who want to record higher performances and more reliable services. How SSI is perfecting its offer in Italy?

For being the leader in Europe in data collection, SSI is a technology company and everything we do requires a lot of investment in technology, to make sure we carefully blend sources of respondents, provide device agnostic sampling and deliver good data quality, in Italy like everywhere else in the world. In Italy, our clients have understood the power of technology in data collection. As an example, measuring digital ad effectiveness is something in which they do see a lot of value, and a few of them have been pioneers in it with us.